About ebizlawyer

The focus of my practice is business/legal advice, agreement drafting and review, with a specialty in general contracting, technology, outsourcing, intellectual property, e-commerce, data, privacy and data protection.   In this capacity I act as the outsourcing destination for various businesses which do not have the internal resources they need to properly support this function.   I draw on my in-house experience at Automatic Data Processing and Goldman Sachs as well as my law firm experience at Clifford Chance to provide a focused and practical approach to the everyday and special contracting and intellectual property needs of these businesses.    Please visit my website at http://www.laurenceassociates.com for more details on my practice areas.   In addition, by leaving behind the infrastructure and expenses of a large firm we’ve been able to cut our rates down to a level that makes it cost effective for your company or the companies you represent to utilize our services for its general contracting needs.

I have always been a “business” lawyer who has participated not just in the legal documentation of a transaction but in the broader company view, and I’ve done this at some of the giants in their industries.  My current client base is comprised of both start-ups and established businesses.  I provide these clients with a broad range of support from policy drafting and implementation to all types of contract review and negotiation.  My trademark as an attorney is to fully understand my client’s business and to be able to help them properly identify the risk/rewards in order to get deals done.

I’d love to chat to explore ways in which we can support your business. http://www.laurenceassociates.com



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