The Start Up – The Brilliant Idea

The Brilliant Idea

We all have them and very few of us act upon them.  There are many reasons why not.  Money, time and lack of faith in ourselves are just a few.  Today, however, there is a lot of help available to take you from step A to step B.  Some examples: (a matching service for idea generators and idea seekers); incubator services for start-ups, some examples of which include venture capital (, working space and business support (business incubator association of New York –  A simple Google search for business start-up help will generate hundreds of millions of links.  In fact, part of the problem today is the excessive amount of information.  That’s where I come in.  Over the next weeks, months and years (yes, there’s that much information) I’m going to talk about all things “legal”.  I’m going to simplify, but not dumb down, the everyday legal issues that most start-up and small business will run into.

About ebizlawyer

Laurence Associates has extensive experience in outsourcing, internet law, software, computer systems, data protection, information security, privacy and corporate services both from the customer and vendor perspective. Elaine Laurence, the founding Principal of Laurence Associates, has unique expertise in understanding and handling transactional issues facing financial services institutions and small businesses. For more information visit my website at:
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